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Evaluating asset management practices

If you’d like to improve your maintenance department, our strength lies in the fact that our approach can be tailored to meet your needs.

Regardless of the challenges you face—production line issues, equipment availability, overly frequent shutdowns, high maintenance costs or growing accident risks—we can help you identify what you’re doing right and what can be improved. The evaluation process is based on your objectives. From their neutral position, our experts focus on certain aspects of your day-to-day asset management operations in order to find long-term, cost-effective solutions. As a result, you will have an overview of the current situation, around which you can lay out a longer-term strategic vision, including a list of priority actions to be implemented. This allows you to target what needs to be done on a timely basis.


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Examples of application

Consulting Services Mining

Reliability optimization

Bringing a mine online is a very expensive endeavour, so a minimum return on investment is expected. If production does not reach the desired levels for whatever reason, the processes in place may need to be reconsidered. STI Maintenance helps you come up with the right diagnosis and finds the solutions you need to optimize the reliability of your operations.

Consulting Services Cities

Development of maintenance programs for mobile equipment and workshops

A large city in Quebec aims to adopt or update maintenance plans for its non-passenger vehicles according to use (hours of operation, mileage, periodic). STI Maintenance intervened to consult and revise the maintenance plans with the workshop managers and draw up the lists of critical parts for maintenance.

Consulting Services Industrials

Planning for general power outages

A mine produces continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It must plan a complete shutdown of its operations due to a widespread power outage that must be carried out. STI Maintenance participates in the design of the procedure to be followed in order to limit the impacts and facilitate the resumption of activities safely and as soon as possible.

Consulting Services Mining

Maximizing drill availability

The use and maintenance of drilling equipment is essential for the development of a mine. STI Maintenance was called in for reinforcement by a mining company in connection with repetitive breakages as well as a lack of anticipation of work stoppages considerably limiting the progress of the drilling.

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A company’s operating context is likely to change over five, ten or twenty years, with equipment being added, modified, and replaced….