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If you’d like to obtain a CMMS software designed to add real value, STI Tactik becomes operational more quickly and cost-effectively than standard implementations. This improved platform–exclusive to STI Maintenance–meets all industry requirements by using preconfigured models based on market best practices.

STI Tactik can handle all requests concerning day-to-day maintenance and asset management. By selecting this software, you can collect and analyze more data, improve your equipment availability, extend the useful life of your assets and optimize the in-house management of your equipment.

The contributions made by a high-quality CMMS software are undeniable: you can structure your maintenance activities and obtain a real-time picture of their current status. In the end, STI Tactik speeds up the return on investment of your assets and delays the timing of new acquisitions.

Better risk management, exemplary practices, better forecasting and a flexible tool that boosts business agility are among the benefits that STI Tactik brings to our clients. Wouldn’t you like to join them?

STI Maintenance, recognized expertise

We offer consulting, software implementation and integration services, along with specialized workforces services, training and much more. All your maintenance and asset management services are now available under the same roof.

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Asset management

Work management

Inventory management

Contract management

Service management

Procurement management

Why select STI Tactik?

STI Tactik is a CMMS software designed to provide users with all-access use in the blink of an eye. It encompasses all tasks to be performed by all types of organizations; it can also be pre-integrated and customized by our experts from the outset, in line with your requirements. STI Tactik is the go-to solution whenever you need to put maintenance and asset management practices in place swiftly and effectively while meeting the highest market standards.

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A turnkey strategy

For organizations seeking to quickly implement an effective asset management strategy based on maintenance best practices.

Integrated processes

  • Maintenance management
  • Inventory management
  • Procurement management

Roles & responsibilities

  • The various roles and responsibilities of a typical maintenance team

Customized homepage

  • Based on roles and responsibilities, each profile has its own definable visible data


  • Standard API for main objects

STI Mail

  • Enables you to exchange data via email

Simplified screens

  • Streamline the visible fields based on each individual role

+/- Inventory management

  • Allows you to manage minimum and maximum stock levels

Managed service

  • Your single point of contact for all solution-related problems and questions

Approval cycle

  • Preconfigured workflows

Available on:

STI Tactik (local service)

STI Tactik Cloud
STI Tactik Saas

Self-service license free of charge

When you purchase your first license, you now receive the self-service license free of charge.

With this license, you can create and post service and procurement requests, requisitions, incidents and all your assets.

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