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Technical Services

STI Maintenance gives you access to professionals who can travel to your workplace and integrate swiftly into your team. Our technical services include ongoing support that is recognized for its reliability, professionalism and skills.

Whether you are looking for Supervisors, Planners, Engineers or Technicians specialized in maintenance, we have the right professionals for you. Tapping into our technical services is a quick and effective way to keep your operations up and running. You can also optimize your workforce use, reduce equipment downtime and free your team from performing specific tasks.

STI Maintenance has professionals available across Canada to support your team in the fulfilment of various mandates. We can help you work around staff shortages by providing professional technical services that are carried out by specialists who work effectively and efficiently; and are proficient with most management systems available on the market.

Our team is at your service—ready, willing and able to contribute to your success!

Courses offered

Reliability Maintenance EmployeesPlannersSchedulersSupervisors / ForemansTechnical Support

Introduction to Reliability-Centered Maintenance

Description : The Introduction to Reliability Centered Maintenance course covers a wide range of topics including world class performance trends,…

Reliability Maintenance Data LeadersReliability SpecialistsTechnical Support

Equipment Reliability

Description : The Equipment Reliability course, an essential element of excellency in maintenance, teaches participants about the principles and tools…

Reliability Maintenance Data LeadersReliability SpecialistsTechnical Support

The RCM Method (Reliability-Centered Maintenance)

Description : The RCM method is known as being the most precise method to identify the best maintenance strategy. Largely…

Reliability Maintenance Data LeadersReliability SpecialistsTechnical Support

The Reverse RCM Method

Description: The Reverse RCM Method is used to establish maintenance programs that are realistic and adapted to their environment and…