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30 March 2023 | Patrice Duchesne

IBM Maximo Technology

End of support for IBM Maximo version 7.6.1.x in 2025

Version 7.6.1.x: End-of-sale of licenses in 2024, end of support in 2025 and end of extended support in 2028. The…

1 March 2024 | Patrice Duchesne

MaintenanceReliability Asset Management

Goodbye Firefighting Mode: Transforming Asset Management into Optimal Performance

The “firefighting mode” in asset management is characterized by a reactive approach where actions are taken in response to problems…

27 February 2024 | Annie Bouchard

SAP PM Our expertise

User Training, an Essential Step to Succeed in Your Maintenance Strategy

  In today’s industrial landscape, the efficiency and reliability of maintenance operations are fundamental pillars to ensure uninterrupted productivity and…

7 February 2024 | Patrice Duchesne

Reliability Asset Management

A Successful External Audit

In November of last year, Jean-Robert Claveau spearheaded an international team in conducting a maintenance audit at an aluminum smelter…

30 January 2024 | Patrice Duchesne

Consulting ServicesMaintenance Asset Management

Shutdowns, Large-scale Projects Involving Efficient Management and Planning

When one or more pieces of equipment undergo a complete shutdown, it presents a significant challenge for any facility. How…

16 January 2024 | Patrice Duchesne

Consulting Services Asset ManagementOur expertise

Ensuring the Success of a Major Project Within an Operational Plant

Plants are continually evolving, needing investments to address new requirements, which ultimately culminate in significant projects. This dynamic landscape demands…

29 September 2023 | Patrice Duchesne

IBM Maximo Technology

Calculating AppPoints When Migrating to Maximo Application Suite (MAS) 8X

Building on the previous two articles dedicated to the subject, the following is a new article that delves into the…

30 March 2023 | Patrice Duchesne

IBM Maximo Technology

Differences Between Maximo 7 and 8 Maximo Application Suite

Version 8.x, named Maximo Application Suite (MAS), has been on the market for many months now .  This version brings…

16 February 2023 | Patrice Duchesne

Consulting Services Asset Management

How can maintenance reliability be improved?

The notion of reliability refers to the capacity of a system or a piece of equipment to perform a required…

1 February 2023 | Patrice Duchesne

IBM Maximo Our expertiseTechnology

How to select your CMMS software

Selecting the right computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for your company is a necessity if you hope to remain competitive…

7 February 2023 | Patrice Duchesne

Consulting Services Asset Management

Up-to-date technical documentation—a lifeline for your industrial facility!

A company’s operating context is likely to change over five, ten or twenty years, with equipment being added, modified, and replaced….