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Our consulting services team is always available to discuss your concerns. If you are seeking to assess your internal practices or asset management objectives, we have the expertise to meet your needs and expectations.

We are able to step in swiftly and effectively because our specialists (engineers and technicians) have widely varied expertise. They will work alongside you to achieve your desired productivity gains.

We care about your success! Our consulting services team will help you to make the right decisions aimed at optimizing your asset management practices. We can provide guidance on various types of assessments, in addition to managing equipment shutdowns, preparing maintenance and reliability technical data, setting up preventive maintenance programs, preparing change management workshops and training sessions, etc.

The experts at STI Maintenance make a real difference!

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Maintenance Business AnalystsMaintenance EmployeesMaintenance ManagersPlannersSchedulersTechnical Support

Best Practices in Maintenance Management

Description : Best Practices in Maintenance Management are composed of standards and principles known worldwide as levers of improvement for…

Maintenance Maintenance ManagersPlannersSchedulersTechnical Support

Maintenance Planning: Preparing and Scheduling Work

Description : Increase your production capacity by adopting proven practices in maintenance work planning. Efficient resource management contributes to reducing…

Maintenance PlannersProject ManagersSchedulersSupervisors / ForemansTechnical Support

Managing Shutdowns

Description : Complete or partial shutdown of a production facility implies important costs for an organization. It is for this…

Maintenance Maintenance Data LeadersProject ManagersReliability SpecialistsSupervisors / ForemansTechnical Support

Managing Maintenance and Reliability data in a CMMS

Description : Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS or ERP) are designed to improve asset and reliability management, optimize resources and…

Maintenance BuyersMaintenance EmployeesMaintenance ManagersSupervisors / Foremans

Introduction to Maintenance Work Management and Planning

Description: The Introduction to Maintenance Work Management and Planning course presents an overview of the basic elements of a healthy maintenance…

Maintenance PlannersSchedulersSupervisors / ForemansTechnical Support

Managing Equipment Shutdowns using Microsoft Project 2016

Description : Microsoft Project is a tool used by Project Managers and Planners to help plan and manage projects, manage…

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30 January 2024 | Patrice Duchesne

Consulting ServicesMaintenance Asset Management

Shutdowns, Large-scale Projects Involving Efficient Management and Planning

When one or more pieces of equipment undergo a complete shutdown, it presents a significant challenge for any facility. How…

16 January 2024 | Patrice Duchesne

Consulting Services Asset ManagementOur expertise

Ensuring the Success of a Major Project Within an Operational Plant

Plants are continually evolving, needing investments to address new requirements, which ultimately culminate in significant projects. This dynamic landscape demands…

16 February 2023 | Patrice Duchesne

Consulting Services Asset Management

How can maintenance reliability be improved?

The notion of reliability refers to the capacity of a system or a piece of equipment to perform a required…

7 February 2023 | Patrice Duchesne

Consulting Services Asset Management

Up-to-date technical documentation—a lifeline for your industrial facility!

A company’s operating context is likely to change over five, ten or twenty years, with equipment being added, modified, and replaced….