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Maintenance Planning: Preparing and Scheduling Work

Duration: 2 days

Description :

Increase your production capacity by adopting proven practices in maintenance work planning. Efficient resource management contributes to reducing health, safety and environmental risks as well as reducing maintenance costs and equipment downtime.

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  • To define maintenance planning and recognize its principle benefits
  • To define work preparation in relation to sound maintenance management
  • To define scheduling as the fundamental basis for the creation of optimal client-oriented services
  • To learn the importance of analyzing the work that was carried-out in relation to maintenance planning
  • To recognize the various stakeholders involved and define their specific roles in maintenance planning

General Notions

  • Principles in maintenance management
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Work management
  • The Work order
  • Work preparation
  • Preparation process
  • The work plan
  • Execute prerequisites
  • Standard work
  • Technical documentation
  • Work history
  • Managing the time bank
  • Prioritizing work

Scheduling Work

  • Work scheduling process
  • Production/maintenance coordination meeting
  • Scheduling tools
  • Respecting the calendar and adjustments


  • Roles et responsibilities
  • Necessary qualities
  • Frequent errors to avoid

All of our trainings are offered online or in person. Classroom training is delivered at client sites or at our offices. The number of participants has no impact on the training fees. There is a maximum number of participants to respect.

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