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Maximo is geared towards public and private sector organizations seeking a reliable, stable and constantly evolving solution aligned with market needs.

Schedule a meeting with one of our representatives today and discover how Maximo can help you manage your assets. When you acquire this software and sign up for our assistance in preparing data and business processes for a CMMS implementation, you can rest assured that your purchase will make a real difference. Selecting Maximo means obtaining the tools you need to cut your operating expenses and reduce the number of incidents, not to mention boosting production and equipment availability and much, much more!


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29 September 2023 | Patrice Duchesne

IBM Maximo Technology

Calculating AppPoints When Migrating to Maximo Application Suite (MAS) 8X

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30 March 2023 | Patrice Duchesne

IBM Maximo Technology

End of support for IBM Maximo version 7.6.1.x in 2025

Version 7.6.1.x: End-of-sale of licenses in 2024, end of support in 2025 and end of extended support in 2028. The…

30 March 2023 | Patrice Duchesne

IBM Maximo Technology

Differences Between Maximo 7 and 8 Maximo Application Suite

Version 8.x, named Maximo Application Suite (MAS), has been on the market for many months now .  This version brings…

1 February 2023 | Patrice Duchesne

IBM Maximo Our expertiseTechnology

How to select your CMMS software

Selecting the right computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for your company is a necessity if you hope to remain competitive…