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Technical Services

Development of maintenance programs for mobile equipment and workshops

Industry sector: Cities

With the help of the municipality’s technical teams (analysts and workshop managers), the STI Maintenance experts consulted the technical documents for the equipment available on site (operator manuals, maintenance manuals, parts) or the digital versions via local manufacturers or distributors (eg. Ford, Toyota, Kubota, Caterpillar, etc.).

We checked for specification updates, replacement frequency list, and searched for equivalent models as needed.


For many vehicles, service manuals are non-existent or incomplete and require appropriate research.

In addition, the objective is to maximize uptime while implementing exemplary maintenance practices.

“The maintenance and reliability readiness documentation is of a very high quality.”

L. Grenier, eng.


In total, the STI Maintenance team analyzed equipment from 47 distinct classes (based on the client’s equipment classification system), which includes motorized and non-motorized vehicles, which may or may not be towed. A list of critical maintenance parts (eg. oils and fluids, filters, belts) for the municipality’s CMMS system was then compiled.

Subsequently, it was necessary to identify the volumes and grades of oils/fluids required and the original specifications of the manufacturers and the OEM codes. In all, 1,400 units from the client’s fleet for more than 800 hours of work were carried out by STI Maintenance professionals for this mandate.

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