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Maximizing drill availability

Industry sector: Mining

A mining company operating in Quebec is experiencing difficulties with its drilling equipment. Work stoppages related to breakage are repetitive and these are very costly for the company, who is even thinking of acquiring an additional drill to compensate for the mechanical problems.

A review of practices and special attention to prevention and reliability are needed.


Our client asks us to reduce unplanned shutdowns and optimize the periods allocated to preventive maintenance in order to maximize the use and productivity of drilling equipment.


Our STI Maintenance team has carried out a complete review of preventive maintenance practices and reliability-related operations, always with the aim of maximizing drilling time.

“The maintenance and reliability readiness documentation is of a very high quality.”

L. Grenier, eng.

The results

Our analysis of the procedures made it possible to identify opportunities to achieve drilling availability that went beyond the needs provided for in the client’s mine plan.

Thanks to the reliability of the drills, the company has saved 4,000 to 6,000 meters of additional drilling per year without having to acquire a new drill. This translates into increased production worth over $10 million and new opportunities for site development.

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