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Reliability optimization

Industry sector: Mining

The production plan calls for an increase in the concentration process in order to achieve the expected objectives. A minimum investment is available and the site is far from providing its full potential, while several incidents are listed monthly.


Production reliability is at the heart of a profitability problem for an industrial site. We call on STI Maintenance to identify areas for improvement.

Following the evaluation period, a 100-day plan is put in place to achieve the objectives and develop ownership and commitment by site management in light of a mobilisation towards a reliability culture.

“The trainer was very competent and brought many concrete examples. We also called on STI Maintenance for support with other stakeholders following the training.”

C. Poulin eng.

“I am very satisfied with STI Maintenance’s services. They are a partner of choice in the execution of our projects.”


S. Gagnon

“I received a lot of support and STI Maintenance was there when I needed them. I highly recommend STI Maintenance for maintenance and reliability readiness and training related to maintenance.”

C. Poulin, eng.

“STI Maintenance knows our practices very well and they have been efficient to carry out the mandates that we have granted them since the beginning. Their skills in the field made both their planning actions and their maintenance and reliability readiness documentation very relevant.”

C. Kalil

“STI Maintenance has raised the standard and I would recommend them without hesitation.”

L. Grenier, eng

“The maintenance and reliability readiness documentation is of a very high quality.”

L. Grenier, eng.

The results

The implementation of the reliability optimization plan and the adherence of workers to its objectives led to an 80% reduction in the number of accidents/incidents on the site. Production has experienced an upward trend of 9.3% since the implementation of the new processes.

The company also avoided significant production losses and saved on its maintenance costs following the visit of our STI Maintenance team.

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