Managing Equipment Shutdowns using Microsoft Project 2016

Target customers : Maintenance Managers, Planners, Project Managers, Schedulers Duration : 1 day Print the course file

Microsoft Project is a tool used by Project Managers and Planners to help plan and manage projects, manage resources and budgets, and analyze and communicate project information. This course is targeted specifically to equipment shutdowns needs.


  • To learn to use and differentiate MS Project’s various functions that help optimize equipment shutdown management.

Preparing Basic Project Planning Information in MS Project

  • Navigating MS Project
  • Creating a MS Project template for equipment shutdowns
  • Displaying the various screens
  • Displaying columns
  • Displaying the calendar in the Gantt chart
  • Creating calendars
  • Creating resources
  • Assigning a calendar to tasks
  • Saving a MS Project 2016 file template

Managing Tasks

  • Creating tasks
  • Creating predecessor links
  • Associating a resource to a task

Using MS Project During an Equipment Shutdown

  • Preparing a MS Project template for a recurring equipment shutdown
  • Creating a specific project using an equipment shutdown template
  • Balancing resources

Monitoring the Gantt using MS Project

  • Defining project costs
  • Monitoring project changes
  • Managing overtime
  • Printing a Gantt schedule 

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