The A³S Method

STI Maintenance’s objective is to establish a synergy between your human assets, physical assets and practices so that you can benefit from better long-term performance.

Aiming for a mobilization that is both personalized and progressive, STI professionals integrate your company’s activities in a way that helps you target the inefficient or unstable elements of your practices in order to change them into stable, controlled and optimized practices.

Why Choose STI Maintenance

Our Services

We Care About Your Success

By working chiefly with companies with industrial, infrastructure, IT and transportation equipment assets, STI Maintenance offers distinct services in asset management, state-of-the art technology integration and specialized workforce outsourcing.

Asset Management
STI Maintenance integrates your company's activities to evaluate your methods and establish an action plan to optimize your practices and benefit from their performance.

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Our professionals guide you towards solutions that are best adapted to your needs due to our great command of maintenance software packages such as Maximo, IBM Control Desk, SAP PM, etc.

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Specialized Workforce Services
We provide our clients with ongoing support by providing them with specialized labour services that include consultants, supervisors, planners, and technicians specialized in maintenance management.

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Our Departments

Our Departments Work in Close Collaboration to Push Innovation Forward and Enrich Ideas

Consultation Services
The Consulting Services team works in close collaboration to optimize maintenance management using innovative techniques. Our advisors address maintenance management beginning with its people, and by aiming for continuous improvement and optimal performance. The team also offers training and change management services.
Specialized Workforce Services
Our team of advisors, supervisors, planners and specialized technicians work together to provide continued support to clients through its offer of specialized workforce services.
IT Department
Passionate and experienced, our IT Department team implements modern processes and software solutions that are adapted to our clients' needs. Furthermore, the team offers training and changement management services applicable to all roles involved in maintenance.
SAP Practice
The SAP-PM Practice team offers a wide range of services covering maintenance data cleaning, standardization, and usage. The team also provides training, change management and functional support services.

Our Partners

STI Maintenance implements IBM’s Maximo software solution, for which we are an IBM “Gold” Partner. This software is renowned as a market leader by the esteemed firm Gartner.

We also work in collaboration with ISOGRAPH, Altair Enterprise, Arrow, IMAFS, GCRL and several other specialized software programs in order to help you reach your goals and moreover, to maintain them.


Expanding Your Knowledge

The STI Academy was created in order to meet our client’s needs to expand their understanding of best practices in maintenance management. Recognized as a training organization by the Quebec government, our team of senior advisors and specialists has developed an array of high quality seminars such as:

  • Best Practices in Maintenance Management
  • Maintenance Planning: Work Preparation and Scheduling
  • Development, Optimization and Management of Technical Data
  • Maximo user training sessions (all available applications)
  • SAP PM & MM user training sessions (all available transactions)
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Why Choose STI Maintenance

Québec-based company that is readily available, that has a great expertise in regards to its products and processes, and that provided a good support during our Maximo implementation.

Michel Chênevert

CSA Approval and Registration Technician

We greatly appreciated collaborating with STI Maintenance. They stood out by their professionalism and friendliness. Their excellent project management skills allowed the project to be completed according to budget and schedule.

Francis Lefebvre

IT Director, Palais des congrès de Montréal

The work took place without any incidents and operations were restarted at the scheduled time. The excellent preparation work carried-out by the technical and supervision teams are what made the project successful.

Jonathan-T Grenon

Maintenance Supervisor, Rio Tinto - Jonquière Works, Operations Services and Utilities

IBM Business Partners are an important part of our growth strategy. STI has been a valuable collaborator for us in Canada, leveraging technology solutions from across the IBM portfolio to do amazing work for our mutual clients. They exemplify attributes that make us both successful, including deep skills and relationships in the market that help us expand our reach. STI stands out due to its willingness to embrace and work with IBM as One Team.

Ayman Antoun

President, IBM Canada

STI Maintenance played a crucial role during the implementation of our Maximo CMMS. Thanks to this project, their customized approach and our teamwork, we won the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) award for innovation!

Marc Myre

Manager, Société de transport de l'Outaouais