That Time When We Won a “Grande Mention” the day Before our 25th Anniversary

To still be in business 25 years after your earliest beginnings is pretty impressive, to say the least. We know the challenges of not only staying in business, but also staying ahead of the competition and continuing to provide quality services to our clients.  To still be in business after 25 years is not only about hard work and business strategy, it is a type of art in itself.

Our company started on November 17th, 1992 and is still thriving more than it ever has. Our number of clients has grown remarkably along with our number of employees. Like all companies, we have experienced the downfalls of recession, experienced internal challenges and yet still we thrive. And, why do we thrive? Because we believe in our services. We believe in the quality of the services we provide to our clients and we believe in the quality work experience we must provide to our employees. Furthermore, we also believe in the quality work our employees provide to our clients. It is a win-win. It has to be.

On November 16, 2017, we were awarded one of the highest honours across the province. An honour that is not only recognized by our peers but is also one of the greatest distinctions awarded by the Québec Government itself. We were awarded a “Grande mention” by the “Grand prix Québécois de la qualité”. This award recognizes private companies and public institutions that stand out due to the quality of their management and their overall performance.

We had known for a while that we were going to win something on November 16; we just didn’t know what. And, we were sworn to secrecy. However, we must admit that everyone in the company knew we were up for an award; we were too eager to share the good news with everyone who made this possible.

The day of the gala, most members of the management team were present at the ceremony. Those who were back at the office (because the office can’t close on a Thursday), were in constant contact with the management team. A few selected people were sent messages almost every five minutes so they could be part of the event even at a distance; so that they could feel the excitement in the air. The excitement was surely felt. Once our company was called on stage to receive our award, a huge sense of pride and joy took over and the message was immediately shared throughout the company.

What does it feel like to win an award for excellency the day prior to your 25th birthday you ask? Not only does it feel great, it also encourages us to strive even harder for excellency in all that we do. Excellency is about going that extra mile. It is about that desire to provide services that not only satisfy our clients, but also keep them coming back for more. There is no doubt that excellency only comes from hard work but in the end, it is all worth it. Thank you to all who participated in making this possible and here’s to another 25!

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