STI Maintenance Wins an Award at the Economic Merit Gala (Gala du mérite économique)

Attraction et rétention de main d'oeuvre

On April 4, 2019, STI Maintenance participated in the Economic Merit Gala (Gala du mérite économique). It was selected, along with two other companies, to be one of the top contenders for these two categories: Attraction and Labor Retention and Business Transfer and Succession.

STI Maintenance is proud to announce that it won the Attraction and Labor Retention award during this Gala. The award was presented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is used to recognize and highlight the performance of the best companies and organizations in the different economic sectors of Ville de Saguenay and the MRC of Fjord-du-Saguenay. It was an evening that served to reward entrepreneurs and heads of organizations who stood out in the past year.

STI Maintenance stood out because it places its employees at the heart of its concerns and wants to offer them the opportunity to work in a stimulating work environment and thus provide them with a balanced working environment. In recent years, the company has been steadily growing and the reality of new generations entering the labor market has pushed it to review its management methods to adapt to the new generation’s realities. The company is composed of young talents who are dynamic, highly technological, passionate and who have family realities that require adaptation on their part. Employees want to be able to reconcile all spheres of work activities as well as their family and personal life.

This is why STI Maintenance has implemented several measures to ensure the attraction and retention of the workforce. Here are some examples :

Reduced hours and flexible schedule
75-hour work bank
Floating holidays
Vacation without the need to accumulate
Three weeks of vacation after only one year of seniority
Group RRSP with employer contribution and group insurance
Partial reimbursement for physical activities
Holiday Camp Grants for Employees’ Children
Scholarships for employees’ children
Annual bonus program based on recognized years of seniority
Possibility of teleworking
Paid massages once a month for employees
Large kitchen, picnic tables, relaxation room and luminotherapy
Technological environment
Employee social Club
Gifts for seniority or for events






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