Maximo version 7.6.1

In August 2018, IBM came out with a new version of its Maximo CMMS: version 7.6.1.

Below are Maximo’s latest features:

1.1 Installation
To upate an existing version of Maximo, installation must be done in a distinct location as Maximo version 7.6.1 replaces all existing Maximo files.

1.2 New IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Support
Maximo Asset Management 7.6.1 has a new set of configuration and command line tools to create bundles from Maximo Asset Management that can be easily deployed into a WebSphere® Application Server Liberty environment.

1.3 User Interface
A new “IoT 18” display eases spacing in the user interface and adapts to the size of the screen. The field titles adjust in a dynamic manner.

1.4 Cognos Analytics
It is now possible to use Cognos Analytics to analyze Maximo data and display them using dashboards, storybooks and reports.

1.5 New system property for Maximo Integration Framework
A system property is now added to control authentication for Maximo Integration Framework.

1.6 New management of personal information
Enhancements in the People application include the ability to remove personal information from people records.

1.7 Work management using work centers

1.7.1 Work supervision
New functions to respond to service requests, manage work orders, and supervise technicians in addition to improving user experience.
1.7.2 Work execution
Technicians can now create follow-up work orders, signal shutdowns, record shutdown time, record meter readings, add many time entries, record rotating assets and display information on assets and locations.

1.8 Service Request
It is possible to designate a location using bar codes while using both a mobile application and desktop computer. A list of close locations can be displayed using the mobile device’s coordinates.

1.9 Inspections
Enhancements to inspection tools include improvements in inspection forms and changes that facilitate work management.

1.10 Troubleshooting
A Work Center interface is now available to view the Maximo Management Interface (MMI) system information.

1.11 Admin mode
Enhancements to Admin mode increase system automation when Admin mode is turned on and off and provide users with more information when Admin mode is used.

For more information on our Maximo service, click here.

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