IBM Maximo Mobility (Anywhere and Everyplace)

In order to meet a growing and important demand, IBM Maximo is now available on most mobile devices and can be accessed from almost anywhere.

In the day-to-day operations of all types of organizations, whether public or private, Maximo users are not always in front of a computer screen or near a computer network.

To do their jobs effectively, users can access their asset information from their mobile devices. For example, city employees who conduct maintenance work on equipment, such as fire hydrants or the sewage system, can access Maximo from their phones.

They can connect to current asset information, add information, take notes, create work orders, create service requests, and approve interventions.

Maximo has two mobile interfaces available: Anywhere and Everyplace.

Everyplace provides access to all applications and information, but needs to be connected to through a network. It is included in the Maximo 7.6 interface and can be reached through a navigator.

Anywhere is a mobile app. It has less modules available, but can be accessed no matter where you are. Anywhere is a separate module, hosted by an IBM server completely independent from Maximo.

It is very important to integrate mobility into any kind of organization and users expect it. IBM Maximo mobile apps can be used on all Apple, Android or Windows platforms.

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