IBM Maximo, Asset Management Leader

The IBM Maximo Asset Management software package is a specialized product used to manage and optimize an organization’s asset management business processes. Here are a few examples:

  • Asset purchasing
  • Equipment start-up planning
  • Maintenance programs
  • Safety measures
  • Managing corrective maintenance
  • managing change requests
  • Managing spare parts
  • Work planning and scheduling
  • Failure analyses
  • Parts and services procurement
  • Cost tracking
  • Performance indicator configuration

Brought onto the market in the 1990s, IBM Maximo has been in constant evolution for over two decades. IBM Maximo has stayed ahead of the changing needs of maintenance management, multiplied by continual technological developments. These developments have led organizations and industries in various fields (as diverse as public services, production, transportation, aviation, etc.) to require that their CMMS take into account the specific requirements of their sector of activity. In addition, this product has been the maintenance management field’s world leader for many years.

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