The RCM Method (Reliability-Centered Maintenance)

Target customers : Reliability Engineers, Technical Data Leaders (Maintenance), Technical Support Duration : 2 days Print the course file

The RCM method is known as being the most precise method to identify the best maintenance strategy. Largely used in the aviation and nuclear industries, this method is being increasingly used in the industrial and manufacturing sectors to identify maintenance tasks needed to ensure equipment or system reliability. This method can be used to establish a maintenance program in a new facility and identify improvements to ensure its maintainability and reliability, and it can also be used to optimize an existing facility’s maintenance program. In addition to demonstrating maintenance’s contribution to a company’s profitability, this method is also used to identify useless maintenance tasks and ensures that the right tasks are executed at the right time.


  • To become better acquainted with basic notions in reliability and the reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) method
  • To manage the various steps in an RCM workshop

Training Content

Basic Notions

  • Introduction to RCM
  • Distributions and laws of probability
  • Maintenance strategies

Preparing an RCM Workshop

  • Establishing a business case and specific objectives
  • Collecting information
  • Hierarchies: Components, functions, performance criteria
  • Composition of the work team

Carrying-Out and RCM workshop

  • The approach
  • Failure modes analysis
  • The various maintenance strategies
  • Optimization

RCM Workshop Results

  • Various deliverables, selecting a scenario
  • The benefits
  • The implementation
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