Maximo System Administration

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The Maximo System Administration course presents the concepts and principles behind Maximo administration. The following elements are covered in detail: organisations / sites structure, administration parameters, financial information configuration, initial system configuration, safety management, start center configuration. This course provides system administrators with a solid foundation enabling them to manage Maximo efficiently and according to best practices.


  • To define system parameters
  • To configure the application’s basic information
  • To configure Maximo applications security access
  • To manage the application server

Training Content

Maximo Structure

  • Defining organisations / sites
  • System, organisation, site parameters

Maximo Safety Management

  • User management
  • Defining safety groups
  • User security profiles
  • Options to generate passwords
  • Active Directory integration
  • User session administration
  • Reports security administration

Start Center

  • Using the Start Center to support business processes
  • Portlets types and display options
  • Configuring the Start Center
  • Creating queries to configure a dynamic display of information

Database Configuration

  • Data dictionary
  • Objects and attributes
  • Views creation
  • Configuring the database
  • Electronic signatures and audits
  • Configuring GL accounts

Chart of Accounts

  • The chart of accounts concept
  • Creating GL accounts
  • Processing financial transactions (Location, asset, incident, work order, etc.)
  • Account periods

Messages and Communication

  • Messages display
  • Creating communication models
  • Using models

Currency management

  • Applying, creating and deleting a currency code


  • Items groups and company management

Exchange Rates

  • Creating exchange rates
  • Currency conversion

Configuring periodic tasks

  • Defining periodic tasks
  • Creating periodic tasks

Attachment Administration and Configuration

  • Folder management
  • Library management

System Configuration

  • Change logoff delays
  • Configure regional parameters (“locales”)
  • Configure tax options
  • Configure the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
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