Maximo Integration Framework

Target customers : Programmer-Analysts Duration : 3 days Print the course file

This course presents Maximo Integration Framework‘s (MIF) various functions and the ways in which they are used to integrate Maximo to external systems, load data, or migrate configurations between different Maximo environments.


  • Configure MIF to conduct data loading
  • Configure interfaces between Maximo and external systems
  • Transfer configurations using the migration manager
  • Implement interface monitoring tools

Training Content

Principles and Basic Concepts

  • Presentation – Module integration
  • Interface definition process
  • Migration process

Preliminary Systems Configuration

  • Create and configure JMS queues in WebSphere
  • Configure system properties

Configuration Migration between Maximo Environments

  • Environment version compatibility
  • Identifying objects to migrate
  • Define and create the migration package
  • Roll-out migration packages

Data Loading

  • Object structure definition
  • Definition of enterprise services for data import
  • External systems definition

Setting-up Monitoring Tools

  • Message tracking via Maximo
  • New message processing using Maximo
  • Maximo Start Center Usage
  • Escalations, emailing, database queries, etc.

Interface Creation

  • Technical analysis: communication modes
  • Object structure definition
  • Definition of enterprise services for data import
  • Definition of publication channels for data export
  • External systems definition
  • Automatic task configuration (cron task)

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