Maximo Architecture

Target customers : Programmer-Analysts, Systems Administrators Duration : 1 day Print the course file

During the Maximo Architecture course, participants will learn how Maximo environments can be rolled-out in a variety of ways to meet specific business needs based on the number of users, system criticality and resources. Fundamental to a maintenance management system, system configurations must be optimal across both system and environment installations.


  • To distinguish the various architecture models
  • To access the administration console
  • To restart and stop the application server

Training Contents

  • Installation prerequisites
  • Simple architecture
  • Complex architecture with load balancing
  • Cluster to redistribute resources
  • LDAP interface configuration
  • SSO configuration
  • Introduction to WebSphere
  • HTTPS configuration to secure environments
  • Restart and stop the application server
  • Manage the application server
  • Understanding the Maximo data model
  • Relation between the tables and the application
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