Managing Technical Information Using Maximo

Target customers : Master Data Specialists (CMMS), Technical Data Leaders (Maintenance), Technical Support Duration : 2 days Print the course file

The Managing Technical Information Using Maximo course explains how to create and structure asset information and maximize the various applications involved in technical data management.

The following applications are covered during this course: Locations, Asset Templates, Meters, Meter Groups, Job Plans, Preventive Maintenance and Conditional Monitoring.


  • At the end of this course, the participant will be able to create asset records, create preventive maintenance programs, set meter parameters and configure preventive maintenance planning according to meter readings.

Training Content

Asset Configuration

  • Create Locations
  • Create systems
  • Create assets
  • Associate spare parts
  • Create meters

Preventive Maintenance

  • Job plans
  • Preventive maintenance (PM) records
  • Routes
  • Master PM records

Conditional Monitoring

  • Define conditional monitoring
  • Manage conditional monitoring


  • Create hazards
  • Create precautions
  • Create Lock out / Tag out
  • Create safety plans

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