Managing Technical Documentation using SAP

Target customers : Master Data Specialists (CMMS), Technical Data Leaders (Maintenance), Technical Support Duration : 4 days Print the course file

The Managing Technical Documentation using SAP course presents how to create and structure equipment and asset information in SAP. This information is fundamental to improving asset management and equipment reliability.


  • Distinguish the various steps to the technical documentation creation process
  • Identify and process the elements inherent to the asset structure in SAP
  • Create a job plan
  • Create a maintenance plan

Training Content

Technical Documentation Management

  • Organizing an asset (functional location)
  • Managing an asset’s inventory
  • The technical documentation creation process
  • Stakeholder responsibilities

The Asset Structure (Functional Location)

  • Construction types and sub-assemblies
  • Items
  • Warranty management
  • Displaying maintenance plans

Items Management

  • Search and display an item
  • Create and modify an item
  • Process an obsolete item

Structuring a Job Plan

  • Create and modify a job plan
  • Create a job plan using a work order

Maintenance Plan Management

  • Create and modify a maintenance plan
  • Associate job plans to the maintenance plan
  • Release the maintenance plan

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