Managing Technical Data in a CMMS

Target customers : Project Managers, Reliability Engineers, Supervisors / Foremans, Technical Data Leaders (Maintenance), Technical Support Duration : 1 day Print the course file

Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS or ERP) are designed to improve asset and reliability management, optimize resources and reduce costs. However, little energy is invested in structuring, implementing and maintaining the maintenance data that is in the CMMS. Yet, it is exactly this same data that provides added-value to the CMMS. The Managing Technical Data in a CMMS course is for all maintenance managers who wish to implement the foundation to an optimal CMMS; ensuring that it supports their asset management strategies. This course simplifies the key concepts needed for effective computerized maintenance management and provides the participant with the tools to achieve the benefits targeted by such systems.    


Apply a standard, applicable to all CMMS’, when establishing maintenance technical data.

Training Content

Structuring Data

  • Asset and location structures
  • Equipment criticality
  • Reference documentation
  • Failure codes
  • Classifications

Structuring Maintenance

  • Spare parts and bills of material 
  • Maintenance programs

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