Equipment Reliability

Target customers : Reliability Engineers, Technical Data Leaders (Maintenance), Technical Support Duration : 1 day Print the course file

The Equipment Reliability course, an essential element of excellency in maintenance, teaches participants about the principles and tools inherent to reliability engineering. The course, rich in exercises and examples, presents the fundamental elements to improving production equipment availability and thereby participating in improving company performance.


  • Introduce the notion of equipment reliability
  • Identify the main indicators used in equipment reliability and maintainability
  • Distinguish the tools commonly used in reliability
  • Recognize the strategies needed to improve reliability

Training Content

Basic Notions

  • History and notions in reliability
  • Laws of probability
  • Failure models
  • Maintenance strategies

Performance indicators

  • Reliability and maintainability indicators
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Reliability Analysis

  • Equipment criticality
  • Analysis tools
  • Failure modes and criticality analysis
  • Other analysis methods

Reliability Improvement Strategies

  • Reliability management process
  • Maintenance systems based on reliability
  • Leadership and change management

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