Ambassador for the “REGARD sur le court métrage” Film Festival

Festival REGARD sur le court métrage

STI Maintenance is a proud ambassador for the REGARD sur le court métrage film festival. This year, the festival will take place March 13-17 in various venues across Saguenay.

The REGARD film festival is one of the leading short film festivals in North America. Founded in 1995 in Saguenay, the event presents close to 200 Québécois and international short films. REGARD is one of the gateways for short film cinema in the Americas and is an international launch pad for Canadian short film cinema.

REGARD is also a gateway for the OSCARS for short films (Academy qualifying festivals for the Short Film Awards). The top festival prizewinners will be considered during the OSCARS nomination process for best fiction short film (Best Short Film Live Action). The festival hosts an official competition, a parallel competition and a youth competition. The festival also hosts an international competition that awards over $89,000 in bursaries and services to the top festival prizewinners. These prizes are awarded in collaboration with numerous partners.

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